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SWISS RESIDENT in 2+ months
WEALTH CHF 400,000+

Switzerland provides an option for wealthy individuals to obtain a residence permit in the country provided they are taxed based on their expenses. This system is also known as lump-sum taxation. Currently all cantons except Zurich, Schaffhausen, Appenzell-Ausserrhoden, Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft are part of the lump-sum taxation.

Advantages of Swiss residency

Every year Switzerland tops the quality of life indexes with low unemployment, strong economy, low crime, and generally healthy environment.

Switzerland is a magnet for wealthy individuals across the world due to its favourable taxation.

HIGH-QUALITY EDUCATIONSwiss schools are regarded as one of the best private educational institutions in the world.

  • Switzerland is a diverse country with nearly 20% of population being a foreigner
  • Favourable business climate
  • Simple and straightforward procedure
  • Staibilty

Who is eligible?

THE MAIN INVESTORWho is over 18 years old

THE APPLICANT’S SPOUSEYour spouse is also eligible for Swiss residency

UNDERAGE CHILDRENYou children under who are under the age of 18

Conditions for receiving Swiss residency

  • Establish Switzerland as your tax residence for the first time
  • Have no economic activity in Switzerland
  • Negotiate a taxable income with Swiss authorities

Are you eligible to apply for Swiss residency?

Taxes to be paid in details

Beside lump-sum tax, the applicant is expected to pay other taxes as required by the Swiss law

    For the purpose of lump-sum taxation your lifestyle expenses will be basis for you income tax. As a starting point, your annual living expense of 7x annual rent may determine your lump-sum tax, however the minimal threshold set on the federal level is CHF 400,000
    As a Swiss citizen you will be taxed a Wealth Tax. For lump-sum taxed person tax basis for the wealth tax is calculated by multiplying a taxable income by 20
    You will be required to pay taxes from your dividends paid by Swiss companies and from capital gains from sale of Swiss real estate
    Being a subject of the Swiss social security system you will be required to pay annuals contributions to the system which are based on your wealth, but can’t exceed CHF 24,000 per person

Next step

  • CONSULTATION WITH OUR IMMIGRATION EXPERTSOur experts will assist you with determining your eligibility
  • START THE PROCESSWe will help you gather all the required documents and to file your application and the supporting documents to the governmental institutions
  • COMPREHENSIVE GUIDANCEAs each application is a unique case, you will receive the comprehensive support throughout the process

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