Golden Visa
in Spain

EU RESIDENT 20+ days
INVESTMENT €500 000+

Spain is an attractive country with a stable economy, a high standard of living, pleasant climate and friendly people. Being among the first to offer residency by investment option, more commonly known as the Golden Visa, Spain is one of the most popular destinations for affluent investors.

Advantages of Spanish residency

Being a member of the European Union, Spain allows its residents to enjoy visa-free travels to any of the 28 EU countries.

Both your spouse and all your children under 18 are eligible for Spanish residency.

PROFITABLE INVESTMENTAcquisition of real estate in Spain is a profitable investment that will save your funds from inflation and grow your capital.

HIGH QUALITY OF LIFEThe standard of living in Spain is higher than the average European one. Enjoy safe high-quality medicine and provide European education to your children.

  • After obtaining the residence permit you are required to stay only 1 day per year in order to maintain your status
  • After 5 years of Spanish residency you’ll become eligible for Spanish residence permit, and Spanish citizenship after another 5 years
  • Simple and straightforward application procedure
  • Mediterranean climate and one of the best resorts in the whole world

Who is eligible?

THE MAIN INVESTORWho is over 18 years old and meets the Application requirements

THE APPLICANT’S SPOUSEYou spouse is also eligible for Spanish residency

UNDERAGE CHILDRENYou children under 18 years old

Conditions for receiving residency of Spain through investment

  • Be 18 or older
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Have health insurance from one of the EU insurance companies
  • Have sufficient funds to cover the expenses of living in Spain
  • Make investment

Are you eligible to apply for Spanish residency?

Investment breakdown

The scheme provides potential investors with a range of options. The most popular, however, is investment in real estate as it enables you to use it and then sell it after 5 years.

  • Purchase one or several residential, commercial real estate or a land plot with a total value of more than €500,000 + VAT and retain possession of it for at least 5 years

  • Invest in government issued obligations worth €2,000,000+

  • Invest €1,000,000+ in shares of Spanish companies

  • Deposit €1,000,000+ in a Spanish bank

  • Invest in business in Spain which would either create a significant amount of jobs, or will have a significant socioeconomic affect, or will make a technological or scientific impact

Next step

  • CONSULTATION WITH OUR IMMIGRATION EXPERTSOur experts will assist you with determining your eligibility and selection of the investment options most suitable for you
  • MAKE INVESTMENTSAfter selecting an investment option you will need to make an investment in order to proceed with your application
  • START THE PROCESSWe will help you gather all the required documents and to file your application and the supporting documents to the governmental institutions
  • FINAL STEPSThe completion of residence requirements the applicant will obtain a status of a resident of Spain

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