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One of 2017’s designees of the European Capital of Culture, Paphos is a coastal city with a reputation for rich culture and historical attractions. Its historic sites earned it recognition as a World Heritage Site from the United Nations, and tourism is its primary economic pursuit. Paphos holidays enjoy a mild climate with dry summers and mild precipitation, making it ideal for year-round visits. Paphos city is home to an international airport that makes travel to and from the remote location easy, and its arts and culture attract visitors from all over the world.

When it comes to real estate Paphos Cyprus does not disappoint, with breathtaking villas, apartments, and flats throughout the city.

A brief history of Paphos

The Greeks claimed that Aphrodite visited the site of Paphos when she rose from the sea, and the Paphos old town marked that spot in what is now Kouklia. According to myth, descendants of Pygmalion founded ancient Paphos and built a temple for Aphrodite there. In ancient times, Paphos served as the home of worship for Aphrodite, and today many resorts and tourist destinations carry her name.

Paphos history also notes the city’s decline between the Middle Ages and Ottoman Rule. During the era in which Paphos languished, Larnaca and its port earned more attention. As other parts of Cyprus grew, British colonial populations moved to neighboring cities. However, many historical sites lasted well beyond the lifespans of the ancient communities that inhabited them.

But with the emergence of tourism in the area in the early 1970’s, the government focused on rehabilitating Paphos. Projects included improvements in its irrigation systems, road infrastructure, and the establishment of the Paphos International Airport. Today, the population of the city is well over 30 thousand and employs vacation resorts and farming as its primary economic means.

Top sights

The birthplace of Aphrodite
The lighthouse of Paphos
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Paphos sightseeing attractions range from the remnants of historical Greek architecture to museums to natural wonders. Local shopping venues, restaurants, wineries, and even a water park provide refreshment and further entertainment.

If you considering what to see in Paphos, the legendary rock of Aphrodite, or Petra tou Romiou, is one notable landmark. The rock is a sea stack with rough water surrounding it, and local myth claims that people who swim around the rock will receive the blessing of eternal beauty. That said, the nature of waves at this spot means swimming is often unsafe.

Additional natural wonders in the city lie in Paphos Archaeological Park, which houses the remains of four Roman villas, the mosaic floors still intact. This site also features other monuments including the Saranta Kolones Fortress. A tour of the location lets visitors see the House of Dionysos, the House of Theseus, the House of Aion, and the House of Orpheus.

Other Paphos Cyprus points of interest include the Paphos Lighthouse, which initially directed British ships into Paphos harbor, and the Agios Neophytos Monastery, which Agios Nephytos founded in 1170.

An earthquake demolished many buildings in Paphos in 1953, and some additions emerged afterward. A second monastery, the Panagia Chrysorroyiatissa monastery, is home to an icon which purportedly survived travel across the waves from Asia.

Beyond physical locations with historical architecture and cultural significance, a selection of cultural events will enhance any visitor’s experience in Cyprus. Paphos regularly hosts cultural, music, and art festivals that feature local food, wine, and more. These events run through all seasons, with an event to suit any taste and travel itinerary.

Paphos district

The Paphos region is one of six districts of Cyprus. It lies at the western coast of Cyprus, with Paphos as the capital and center. Paphos District includes Paphos and three other municipalities; Yeroskipou, Peyia, and Polis Chrysochous. As a whole, the district makes up just over 15 percent of the island’s total area.

The landscape includes coastal plains, beaches, and hills across its 1,396km area. Apart from clear and idyllic vies, houses for sale in Paphos area allow easy access to recreational pursuits, shopping, and community events. Beaches are never far, and multiple golf courses, nature trails, and sporting facilities let visitors and residents enjoy the outdoors year-round.

When considering property for sale in Paphos area, location is a primary factor in making your purchase decision, but because of the small size of the district, it is not difficult to travel to each of the area’s many attractions.

From wine tours to monastery sites with traditional architecture, there are many indoor and outdoor adventures in Paphos District.

Paphos District’s Akamas peninsula is one piece of wilderness in the tranquil coastal community, with Green-Back and Loggerhead turtle nesting sites on Lara Beach. Native plants and migratory birds are other naturalist attractions that are unique to the island.

Best hotels in Paphos

Cyprus hotels
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Whether you are vacationing temporarily or planning to purchase property in Paphos, you will wonder where to stay in Paphos Cyprus while visiting. Beyond resort properties in the city, there is also a range of hotels with varying amenities. Top hotels in Paphos immerse visitors in authentic Cyprus hospitality and provide comfortable accommodations and vibrant entertainment opportunities. Numerous five-star hotels top Paphos’ list of desirable lodging facilities, and all include spacious rooms and services for individuals, couples, and families.

Arguably one of the best hotels in Paphos, the Elysium receives consistently exceptional reviews. The hotel has private beach access, indoor and outdoor pools, and a spa. Its expansive grounds also house five restaurants, and its breakfast receives top marks for taste.

Other top-rated hotels include the Almyra, Anassa, Annabelle, and Venus Beach hotels, all of which have on-site pools and stunning views. An extensive list of four- and three-star hotels also deliver comparable amenities and competitive prices for extraordinary value.

Top restaurants in Paphos

Paphos offers an extensive menu of every type of cuisine, from traditional Greek dishes to Italian, Indian, Japanese, and more. Top restaurants in Paphos boast exceptional service, delicious food, and ambiance that is unmatched. Many restaurants with beach locations or areas farther toward the coastline feature fresh seafood caught off the shores of Cyprus.

One top-rated location is 7 St. Georges Tavern, which serves casual food in a cozy atmosphere that’s family-friendly. Ocean Basket welcomes diners with outdoor seating, a full cocktail menu, and fresh seafood.

If you’re finding it difficult to decide where to eat in Paphos with a young family, consider Grazie Restaurant’s casual Italian location, or Dias Zeus Restaurant, which has a friendly atmosphere alongside traditional Greek dishes.

Ultimately, there are endless flavors to try in this coastal city, so visiting the best restaurants in Paphos is challenging to do in one trip.  That said, onsite restaurants at many hotel locations plus five-star offerings at every corner, you will find a dining experience to match your tastes.

Mediteranian cuisine
Ocean Basket restaurant
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Winery in Paphos. SODAP and Sterna Winery

Despite the region’s relatively small size, wineries have cropped up all over the island. Vast numbers of Paphos wineries participate in a local wine co-operative, resulting in a surplus of flavorful wine for residents and visitors alike.

The wine co-operative, SODAP, unites nearly 10,000 families from 144 villages that grow wine grapes. The result is a robust wine culture that surprises visitors amid Paphos’ gorgeous beaches and rolling landscape.

As you begin searching for a winery in Paphos, SODAP’s own Kamanterena Winery comes highly ranked.

The facility combines modern winemaking methods with the ages-old expertise of the region’s most experienced Oenologists. SODAP even competes in international wine competitions and has won medals and seals of approval against wineries all over the world.

Another local favorite is Sterna Winery, home to five labeled wines and a collection of schnapps. The Kathikas vineyards may be small, but the winery’s commitment to tradition coupled with its use of modern technology in its winemaking achieve consistently superb flavor.

Further, Paphos’ practices in wine production extend back thousands of years, and Sterna Winery’s location amidst ancient springs and caves pay tribute to its rich history. One of their storage locations is even part of the cave system.

Paphos is a good place to live

With its temperate climate and magnificent ocean views, Paphos is an idyllic location for vacation trips or year-round living. Its thriving tourist culture means a steady and productive economy, and its cultural heritage gives the modest city historical importance. Apart from its tourist attractions and historic day trip sites, Paphos has a warm and inviting culture that welcomes visitors and transplants alike.

Whether they have family ties to the region or immensely enjoyed a seasonal visit to the island, there are many reasons visitors want to buy property in Paphos Cyprus. Fortunately, there is no shortage of Paphos real estate for sale, with many desirable properties available from which you can choose.

To find property for sale in Paphos, consider which village or area where you prefer to live. Between resort communities, villas, flats, and apartments, there is a housing solution to suit every need. There is also a range of environments to choose from, whether you want to live further inland, on a flat coastal plot, or along a mountainous spot with ocean views.

Further, the amenities available in most resort and community properties in Paphos rival that of boutique hotels. This means you can have your own private area of Cyprus, complete with service and all the comforts of home, to enjoy any time of the year.

Resorts of Paphos

Aphrodite Hills Resort
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Beach resorts in Paphos have large guest rooms, on-site restaurants, and many other amenities that make even the shortest visit spectacular. The city’s four resort areas boast these accommodations and more, including endless beaches for recreation and relaxation pursuits.

A total of 27 public beaches allow plenty of opportunities for sunbathing and swimming along 50km of coastland. Paphos beach locations include sandy and rocky beaches, while some include city developments and others remain untouched by modern means. Both public and private beaches abound, and the best resorts in Paphos have private expanses of pristine sand and surf to enjoy.

Kato Paphos

As the island’s capital for nearly six hundred years, Kato Paphos now houses the Cyprus Tourism Organization’s tourist information office. It’s also the birthplace of the island’s yearly opera festival, and it contains an archaeological park with many fascinating artifacts and building remnants.

In addition to its rich history, Kato Paphos is also home to many luxury hotels and entertainment venues, including short-term rental apartments, hotels, and more accommodations. Kato Paphos hotels allow for easy walking trips to and from restaurants, bars, and shopping, and this area has the most choices of all the districts.

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park is the primary historical attraction in this area, and as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the location provides an impressive cultural perspective. At this site are the Tombs of the Kings, an ancient fortress, and sites that range from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages.

Coral Bay

The area of Coral Bay earns its name from the pristine crescent-shaped Coral Bay, which lies in the middle of craggy rock beaches and sea caves. Attractive hotels and property for sale in Paphos Coral Bay boast amazing sea views and sandy beaches. The tourist resort lies a few kilometers north of Paphos and is primarily a beach community.

Coral Beach Hotel Paphos has a private harbor and 500 meters of quiet beaches for guests to enjoy, and its amenities include on-site restaurants and bars and a spa. Guests can also visit the Akamas peninsula, which is an environmentally protected area with scenery viewable by horseback, jeep, or boat.

Property for sale in Coral Bay Cyprus often allows for views of the ocean and its sparkling beaches, along with modern styling and all the comforts of home. If you do not live in the area, it is easy to travel there by bus, bicycle, motorcycle, or car.

With a day trip, visitors can enjoy water sports and sunbathe. Lifeguards police the beach area in the swimming season, making Coral Bay a desirable location for families with children or individuals who are not strong swimmers.


Latchi also has a small harbor as well as a strong tourist economy. A long strip of beach, Latchi Beach has small pebbles rather than fine sand, and the location hosts lifeguards at some points during the swimming season.

Luxury villas in Latchi expose visitors to the private side of Cyprus, a small region with a strong sense of culture and refinement. The unique geography of the area includes both mountains and beaches, and Latchi view villas take advantage of the raised elevation.

Stunning views that you cannot find anywhere else in Cyprus are available in Latchi, and Latchi villas for sale let you claim a small piece of Paphos as your own.

Mild walking paths, casual seafood restaurants, and adventurous boating trips are just a few attractions at Latchi.

The nearby town of Polis is a small agricultural and fishing community that houses a museum and cultural center, as well as the Baths of Aphrodite site. Despite its diminutive size, the resort community of Latchi allows for easy access to well-known historical attractions and exceptional dining experiences, too.

Aphrodite Hills

Aphrodite Hills Resort is another coastal location, one which earns its name from the nearby Aphrodite’s Rock. The site of the resort rises above sea level, and across the property is intricate landscaping that includes gardens, fountains, souvenir shops, and restaurants. Luxury holiday villas, a golf course, and spacious hotel all cater to guests.

Aphrodite Hills Beach Club grants guests access to a family-friendly beach that lends sun beds, umbrellas, and beach towels. Horseback riding lessons, nature trails, mountain biking, and outdoor entertainment are also available through club membership. At the heart of the resort is the hotel, which offers 290 guest rooms and suites.

Aphrodite Hills Golf Course has earned awards for its 18-hole championship standard facility, and the view of the lush landscape will rejuvenate and relax golfers. PGA-qualified golf professionals guide new and experienced golfers toward improvement, and a clubhouse, lounge, and pro golf shop round out the golf course’s offerings.

A kids’ club lets children have their own fun while adults enjoy the other on-site amenities. Indoor and outdoor programs let children enjoy arts and crafts, sports, and more. Even the youngest children can remain under the care of the resort’s babysitting staff while parents explore, dine, or relax.

Paphos is an excellent city for buying a property

With its strong economy and passionate zest for hospitality, Paphos is an extraordinary city for both vacation and daily living. Friendly locals, excellent business prospects, and easy travel throughout the island will quickly make this city feel like home.

Flats for sale in Paphos Cyprus offer all the amenities buyers expect in their home countries, plus fantastic views of the coast, the beautiful landscape, and pristine beaches.

The city’s commitment to cleanliness and superb service across all industries means international transplants will feel right at home.

A beach ranking system even tracks and cares for the island’s many beaches, letting visitors know which areas have which facilities and find what’s best for their needs.

For vacationers and part-time travelers, luxury villas for sale in Paphos Cyprus create a resort experience each time you visit. Nearby beach access adds to the appeal of resort living, along with convenient restaurant, business, and shopping amenities. Private pools, outdoor living spaces, and rich culture make your stay even more enjoyable.

When looking for houses to buy in Paphos Cyprus, it is easy to find what you are looking for since many properties have similar amenities that range from on-site services to clubs and recreational opportunities. And above all, the astounding views each property affords its residents are incomparable.

Apartments for Sale in Paphos

Apartments for sale in Paphos let you explore everything that the community has to offer without renting a car or cab. Many apartments lie in the city center, while others require a short walk or bicycle ride to entertainment and nightlife.

Flats for sale in Paphos let you move right in and start enjoying day to day life in Cyprus, from visiting historical and cultural sites to daily swims in the ocean and dining out. If the property you purchase includes furnishings, you are truly ready to start relaxing the moment you unpack your bags. Apartments to buy in Paphos Cyprus often involve supportive community services and the ability to socialize with your apartment community if you desire.

Many families and adventurous couples choose apartments because of the innate sense of community in those areas, and the ability to easily access neighborhood services such as shopping and education. However, apartment living is not for everyone, as some people may desire more privacy and quiet than an apartment building offers. Still, for the amenities available, apartments are an essential component of Paphos’ housing system.

Apartments for Sale in Paphos

For sale, Paphos, apartments, rooms: 2–4
Cyprus | Paphos | Paphos

210 000 – 870 000 EUR2 – 4 rooms, 87 – 231 m 2

Flats, rooms: 4–5, for sale
Cyprus | Paphos | Paphos

585 000 EUR4 – 5 rooms, 132 – 239 m 2

Luxury houses for sale in Paphos

Villas for sale in Paphos encompass everything you love about traveling to Cyprus, but you can purchase property to live permanently or seasonally. Whether you plan to live in Cyprus year-round or intend to rent out your property while you are abroad, Paphos is an ideal location. While you live in your home country or take care of business internationally, the exceptional value of your home will draw tourists from all over the world to stay in Paphos in your absence.

Alternatively, townhouses for sale in Paphos may have a smaller footprint than an expansive villa, but their interior amenities are comparable. Adequate indoor space with the convenience of an apartment building makes townhouses a great value, but a higher level of privacy will entice people who appreciate quiet.

Bungalows for sale in Paphos are a relatively cozy option for families, couples, or individuals looking to purchase their first property abroad. Still, even small bungalows allow for luxury-style floorplans, amenities, and furniture. A sprawling floorplan makes a bungalow a smaller version of an expansive villa, while at the same time catering to the resort lifestyle of families living on Cyprus.

Luxury houses for sale in Paphos

For sale, houses, rooms: 4 and more, Paphos
Cyprus | Paphos | Paphos

520 000 – 550 000 EUR4 rooms, 170 m 2

Medicine. Hospitals

Hospitals in Paphos Cyprus can take care of your medical needs whether you are a longtime resident or a short-term traveler. There is no shortage of medical facilities should you require medication or emergency health services, and both private and public hospitals offer services.

Paphos General Hospital is the leading medical center in the area, and it spans four stories and 25,000 square meters. The hospital opened in 1992 and its most notable feature is its pyramid shape. A nearby heliport allows for fast emergency transport to and from other facilities. However, as the population of Paphos continues to grow, other institutions are cropping up to take care of residents’ and patients’ needs.

Private hospitals in Paphos Cyprus include Evangelismos Private Hospital, Iasis Private Hospital, Blue Cross Medical Center, Saint George Private Hospital, and Hippocratic Clinic Private Hospital.

Where visitors may go for health care services may vary depending on the type of insurance provider or financial means they have.

Other public hospitals and medical facilities include Royal Artemis Hospital, Elpis Medical Center, and Pafos Medical 24. With easy and round-the-clock access to professional medical care, residents and tourists can have their health concerns taken care of quickly. Depending on the type of insurance you have, or whether you have purchased a traveler’s insurance policy, you may choose one facility over another for both convenience and the best value for services.


The International School of Paphos
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Despite its small size, the city of Paphos offers exceptional educational resources for students. For example, the International School of Paphos is a private school that began in 1987, with its most recent modifications made in 2006. The school welcomes students not only from Cyprus, but also from the United Kingdom, Russian-speaking countries, and more than 20 other countries worldwide. The International School of Paphos earns recognition worldwide for its excellence and educates students from ages kindergarten through secondary grades.

Its philosophy is one of inclusion and cultivating a global mindset in students. Beyond the International School of Paphos campus, other private schools in Paphos include TLC Private School, Aspire Private British School, and American Academy.

After secondary education, the Neapolis University of Paphos continues students’ learning with a dynamic and academics-centered approach. The campus opened in 2010 and offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Programs teach students in both Greek and English, depending on professor availability so that international students may take advantage of the school’s services as well.

The campus also provides distance learning opportunities for specific programs, allowing students to study remotely rather than travel to campus. International exchange programs also facilitate the sharing of ideas across global student populations.

Transport System

Travelling in Paphos
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Public transport in Paphos involves only buses, with one company guiding the routes and timing of each bus. Vacationers often use the bus system to get around during the day, but in the evening, buses can become crowded. Many visitors travel by foot or by bicycle within smaller Paphos communities, particularly in resort communities which have conveniently located amenities. Paphos International Airport is the primary means of travel to Paphos. It is the second largest airport in the country, after Larnaca International Airport. Locals, as well as international travelers, use the airport, which is a mere five miles from the city of Paphos itself.

The capacity of the airport reached 2.7 million passengers after terminal renovations ended in 2008. With over 12,000 flights per year, the airport caters to most travelers visiting western Cyprus. In addition to check-in desks serving six gates, there are also bank, restaurant, cafeteria, bar, and gift shop facilities.

Car rental is also available on-site at the airport, making transport from Paphos airport accessible and independent. Alternatively, travelers can hire a taxi cab to transport them to their Paphos destination. Nearly all taxi cab services throughout Paphos receive outstanding reviews, maintaining Cyprus’ high level of guest service throughout all elements of its tourist economy.

How to Get There

Unless you are already on the island of Cyprus and traveling within the territory, direct flights to Paphos are relatively uncommon.

Most trips require connecting flights and extensive layovers, depending on which airport and airline you use, but the hours of travel are worth it once you arrive in Paphos.

However, flights from many parts of London allow for relatively quick direct flights, and this is true of many locations depending on your airline and your itinerary. If you prefer to fly into Larnaca, keep in mind that traveling from Paphos to Larnaca or vice versa takes around an hour and a half of driving time. Therefore, it is often preferable to take a flight to Paphos rather than a flight to Larnaca for convenience.

Traveling from Paphos Airport to Paphos takes very little time. Because the airport is only five miles from the city center, renting a car or taking a taxi is the fastest way to reach your destination. Depending on where you are staying, your hotel or resort may offer airport pickup services that shuttle you to or from your temporary residence.

Interesting Events

The Paphos Aphrodite Festival
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Paphos festivals range from celebrations of saints and mythical figures to seasonal festivals which display traditional food for sampling. For example, residents celebrate Saint Rafael’s Day, Agios Constantinos and Elenis Day, and Agios Andreas’ Day with religious fairs and processions. Because the myth of Aphrodite is such a large part of the culture on Cyprus, the Paphos Aphrodite Festival is an event that no visitor wants to miss. The event is largely cultural and artistic, taking place at the Medieval Castle Square in Paphos. The organization which puts on these rich cultural events is the Pafos Aphrodite Festival Cyprus, and its focus is on creating awareness for and celebrating the island’s early origins and history.

Late summer brings outdoor music festivals and grape fairs, along with the Kallepia Arkadia Festival which is a traditional event with live music, cultural dancing, and local food. Throughout the year, folk art is often available for viewing and purchase at multiple locations, letting visitors take a piece of the culture home with them.

Paphos events also encompass dance and music festivals spanning modern dance methods. Throughout all seasons, visitors and residents enjoy camaraderie and celebrations that involve plenty of delicious food, upbeat music, and friendship.

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