London is a perfect location for an international property investor. The abundance of different types of property, a multitude of different markets and submarkets, various areas with their distinct features within the context of persistent lack of supply and ever-increasing demand make London property investment very attractive. LPW will select projects with great care and attention to detail. We will assist you to navigate through all the project's complexities and manage the process on your behalf.

Preserving and Creating Value

Before considering any investment opportunity, we make sure that the asset will maintain its current value. An investor should have the possibility to dispose of the site without any losses. Buying at the right price, in the right place and at the right time is the key to preserving the investment’s value. LPW will make sure that the recommended asset will have a higher chance to be as valuable in the future.

We believe in projects which are rewarding on both financial and personal level. It gives a great pleasure and satisfaction to create homes where people enjoy living. Every project becomes a journey which we share with our investors, and the goal is to make the journey worthwhile. At the end of the journey, LPW will enable investors to own a valuable heritage asset which could be successfully rented out or sold on the open market.

How it works

LPW seeks out opportunities where we can extend or improve a building and where we can obtain a planning permission to build on a plot of land or demolish the existing structure. We look at all the angles of what is best for the site to maximise its potential. We do all the preparatory work of obtaining permissions, terminating tenancies, tidying up legal issues, appraising build costs, liaising with estate agencies to be able to offer an investor a package of information. In most cases, it will include the number and the size of units, images, and drawings of the project, build costs and resale and rental values with potential yields. By the time of purchase, most of the risks related to the unpredictabilities of the initial development stage have been eliminated. The investor will acquire the site with the benefit of certainty as far as the budget and the duration of the project are concerned.

Higher yields

We focus on residential properties which are particularly suited for the rental market. Where possible we select projects with smaller one and two bedroom apartments. Usually, investors will purchase the land with the benefit of a planning permission, and LPW will assist them in obtaining a construction loan. Equity required will be less than in the case of buying a newly completed building, and therefore rental yields will be higher. LPW will assist investors in letting properties after their completion and in finding a suitable management agent to manage lettings. We also help to obtain Buy-to-let loans with better terms than construction loans once the properties are let.

Live Urban

LPW has developed a concept of optimal contemporary apartments called ‘Live Urban’ with an emphasis on functionality and efficient use of space. These apartments are designed making the best use of space, having ample storage, maximising daylight within the energy efficient buildings constructed to minimise maintenance, encourage recycling, and employing innovative construction methods. Where possible we create buildings of the highest design quality employing the use of sustainable combinations of technologies. Tenants renting these apartments will appreciate the fact that they are ready to move into and are supplied with all the necessary appliances, storage facilities, lighting, curtains and a package of basic furniture if required by the tenant.

An essential part of 'Live Urban' design is to help residents create communities and to provide ways to encourage them to interact with each other and with the wider community. Where possible LPW will introduce an innovative use of commercial space on the ground floor which combines a cafe, workspace, concierge services for the residents and other additional services which could also be used by general public to promote a sense of community.

69 Princes Gate Mews

London SW7
01 12

An exquisite new luxury Mews house providing elegant living in an unrivalled location in the centre of Knightsbridge. 69 Princes Gate Mews is an exceptional 4 bedroom Mews house that has been completely re-constructed behind the existing façade. The renovation work has included adding a new basement and the property now provides a superb contemporary family house arranged on 4 floors having a total approximate floor area of 316 sq m 3,400 sq ft.

69 Princes Gate Mews

London SW7

68 Princes Gate Mews

London SW7

5 Princes Gate Mews

London SW7

78 Adelaide Road

London NW3

Ashley Gardens

London SW1P

Avonmore Road

London W14

Metro Tower

Ilford, IG1

Greenvale House

London W9

Broadmead House

London W14

Tower Hamlets

London E1

Upper Wimpole Street

London W1G

72 Park Street

London W1

Collingwood House

London N19

Sergey Sander

Investment manager

Phone: +41 79 841 92 62

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Oleg Chulkov

Development manager

Phone: +44 7800 966 295

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