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Limassol city is the second largest metropolitan area in Cyprus. It is located on the southern coast of Cyprus, bordering the Mediterranean sea. Voted by TripAdvisor to be the third traveler’s choice destination on the rise, Limassol has a great deal to offer including subtropical temperatures, vibrant beaches, wine, history, and ports for docking yachts. Limassol holidays are popular among tourists looking for sun, sand, and luxury. But visitors aren’t the only people flocking to the city of Limassol. An upsurge of foreign investors has led to more and more people making long term moves to this area. Real estate in Limassol is a hot commodity.

A brief history of Limassol

Ancient Limassol
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Limassol history dates back to antiquity when it became a densely populated settlement nearby the thriving city of Amathus. Scholars believe that at first the small town of Limassol was reliant on the nearby Amathus. While Amathus declined from 170 BC to 1191, Limassol grew. During the Byzantine rule, it was called “Neapolis” which means “new town”. Throughout the ages, Limassol has held a prominent place in trading routes, due to its proximity to the first agricultural towns in the fertile crescent. Limassol, right on the coast, became a natural place for traders to stop on their way from the middle east to Europe. This gives Limassol a rich historical foundation.

Part of that rich history can be seen in Limassol old town, where architecture dates back to the Middle Ages. The main attraction is the medieval Limassol Castle, a relic from 1193. The castle contains prison cells which people in Limassol still used until 1950.

Top sights

Limassol sightseeing is a fun activity because the city has such rich history. In addition to the Limassol Castle, there are nine other castles in the city, including Kolossi Castle, which is known for being a former Crusader stronghold in the 15th century. You can also check out archaeological sites like Koúrio, where an ancient amphitheater, preserved mosaics, and beautiful views of the Mediterranean sea.

If you are not a history buff and are what to see in Limassol, don’t worry because you have plenty of options. The Limassol Zoo and the Municipal Zoo are both fun places for kids, as is the Fasouri Watermania Waterpark.

People fascinated with feats of engineering might get a thrill from seeing the Kouris Dam, which is the largest dam in Cyprus and is part of a network of waterways that transport water from west to east across the island. Whether you are interested in history, archaeology, engineering, biology, or just having fun as you take in the sights, Limassol has plenty to offer.

Limassol district

The Republic of Cyprus is divided into six districts. Limassol District, also known as the eponymous district, has emerged as a business hub in recent years. The district contains the most significant port in Cyprus. It also has several prominent marinas that attract high net-worth tourists looking for a place for ocean-faring yachts. The Limassol area is one of Cyprus’ five leading tourist destinations.

The district has a population of approximately 235,000 inhabitants, many of whom live in urban sections of the region. Limassol city is the most significant city in the district. There is a great deal of interest in the property for sale in Limassol area, because of the cities emergence as a business hub and tourist hot-spot.

If you are looking for houses for sale Limassol area, be sure to decide whether you want to be in the rural countryside or the bustling city. Do you want to be situated near a port or marina? Or would you rather be in the heart of the city, near the historic Limassol Castle? As you narrow your search, you will have more luck finding just the right property for your needs.

Famous Museums and Galleries

Museums in Limassol
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The museums in Limassol offer a wide variety of subject matter from across the ages. At the Limassol Archaeological Museum, you will find ancient artefacts from the Aceramic Neolithic I period to the end of the Roman Period. There are even some artefacts that are pre-neolithic, such as fossils of the pygmy hippopotamus and the pygmy elephant. If you are in the mood for walking through an art museum, be sure to stop into the Limassol Folk Art Museum. This institute will give you a taste of Cypriot folk art from the 1800’s and on. The museums’ collection includes embroidery, traditional clothing, tools, utensils, carvings, and musical instruments from the past.

One of the best art galleries in Limassol is called Gallery Morfi. It was founded in 1986 and since then has exhibited the works from prominent Cyprus and Greek artists such as Andreas M. Georgiou, Edouardos Sacaillan, and Alexis Themistocleous. The gallery is located in Old Limassol and is built within a unique two-story house surrounded by expansive gardens.

Best hotels

Since 1974, Cyprus has experienced an upsurge in tourism. December of 2017, for example, saw the most incoming tourists ever recorded in that month prior. The ever-increasing need for accommodations for tourists means that new hotels have been popping up all over the city of Limassol over the last three decades.

The best hotels in Limassol are targeted towards upper-class clients and offer all of the modern amenities that first class travellers require. If you are interested in Limassol hotels 5 star rated, be sure to investigate the Londa Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, the St. Raphael Resort, and the Royal Apollonia.

These 5 star hotels offer excellent service, beautiful views, and fine dining. The luxury hotels in Limassol Cyprus are designed for upper-class travellers who want a gorgeous atmosphere in which to relax and enjoy ocean views.

In addition to five-star hotels, Limassol also has a variety of more affordable hotel options. Niki’s House, for example, is a traditional boutique-style hotel located in Agios Athanasios. This option costs less than a luxury hotel but offers a warm and inviting environment. Built back in 1890, the two-story hotel was renovated in 2005.

Hotels in Limassol
Hotels in Limassol
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Amathus Beach Hotel

The Amathus Beach Hotel Limassol is a luxury beach resort located right on the shores of the sea. It earned a Traveler’s Choice award from TripAdvisor and is one of the top hotels in Cyprus. The luxury hotel boasts a hi-tech gym with views of the sea, honeymoon suites, spas that pamper, ten event venues, five restaurants, and three bars.

The Amathus Beach Hotel all-inclusive package offers customers the option of purchasing meals, drinks, activities, and room and board all for one price. This package is excellent for families that want to enjoy a vacation without worrying about paying for every little thing. The Hotel Amathus beach front is divided into two separate areas, and one is dedicated to families.

Four Seasons Hotel

If you decide to holiday in Limassol, you don’t want to fill up your time with too many activities. Sometimes, the best thing to do on holiday is to relax. At the Four Seasons Hotel Limassol Cyprus you can lie out on the beach front on a chaise lounge, taking in the crystal clear aquamarine waves. Or, float in the infinity pool, looking out over the horizon as the sun sets.

The Hotel Four Seasons Limassol is designed with relaxation in mind. It is one of the most beautiful hotels in the district. The Four Seasons Limassol Spa offers a comprehensive menu of treatments, including foot reflexology, Royal Thai massage, deep tissue massage, the Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience, and the Essential Rose Facial.

If you are hoping to be pampered by a caring and skilled staff, look no farther than the Four Season Cyprus’ Shiseido Spa. Between beautifying and relaxing treatments, you might decide that you want to explore the other offerings of the hotel. Check out one of the many restaurants, workout in the gym, or rest in the comfortable bed in your suite. The world-class service of the Four Seasons is topped off by the natural beauty of the Mediterranean coast.

Top Restaurants

Now that you know all about some of the best places to stay overnight, are you curious about the top restaurants in Limassol? The Limassol population is comprised of many Greek and Cypriot citizens (about 80%), as well as foreigners from Britain, Romania, the Philippines, and Bulgaria. The food reflects local culture as well as the tourist industry.

Though people from all over the world land in Limassol via plane and boat, some of the best restaurants in Limassol are rich with native flavours. Cypriot cuisine is very similar to Greek and Turkish cuisine.

You’ll find meals comprised of fresh meats such as chicken, pork, lamb, goat and snail. Fish is also a favourite protein source and is usually freshly caught in the ocean. Meat or fish is typically is served with local vegetables, which include zucchini, tomato, okra, green beans, and artichoke heart.

Here is a list of Restaurants in Limassol Cyprus that you may want to visit for yourself:

  • Cleopatra Restaurant
  • Dionysus Mansion
  • MEZE Taverna Restaurant
  • Finiotis and Asiotis Tavern
  • Kouzina
  • Aliotiko Tavern
Cypriot cuisine
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Limassol is a city for living and recreation

There is a reason that so many tourists flock to Limassol. The aspects of the city that attract tourists, such as the rich history, beautiful beaches, warm climate, and welcoming atmosphere also make Limassol a great city to live in. Residents enjoy a bustling business district due to the ports and marinas along the beaches, and for work and beautiful weather for outdoor recreation.

The thriving business culture of Limassol is primarily due to the Limassol Port, which is the busiest ports in Cyprus.

This port serves as an important port on trade routes through the Mediterranean sea. Cyprus is a critical player in the world’s shipping industry. For economic reasons, many shipping management companies have made Limassol their home-base.

The people who live in Limassol for business purposes also find excellent resources for outdoor recreation. The many beaches of Limassol are perfect for swimming, scuba diving, or running along the beach. The warm weather is ideal for outdoor recreation, because winter months are mild, and summer months are warm to hot.

While the economy took a downturn in 2013 and struggled for several years, it is now on the rise. 2016 and 2017 each saw more building permits issued than the year before, and international investments are on the rise. Since 2016, real estate for sale in Limassol has attracted foreign buyers and locals alike.

The properties for sale in Limassol attract people who want to live in a tropical climate for recreation purposes or work. Over the last two years, the economy has been on the rebound, tourism has increased, and building permits are on the rise. Now is the time to buy property in Limassol.

Resorts in Limassol

Beaches in Limassol
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Since the city of Limassol is bordered on the south side by the Mediterranean sea, it has many beach-front resorts. Tourists that visit Limassol often want to stay right on the waterfront, so that they can leave the hotel room and walk straight to the sandy shores and clear water. There are over twenty hotels with beachfront property in Limassol, each with varying prices and amenities. Some of the Limassol beach hotels are resort-style and feature world-class luxury services, all-inclusive packages, and expensive accommodations.

The GrandResort Hotel, for example, is a posh resort-style hotel with pools, spa, restaurants, and 24/7 room service. This resort is only a short distance from the St. Raphael Marina, which is equipped to handle ocean-going yachts. There are also many more resorts in Limassol Cyprus with equivalent services.

Not all Limassol beach hotels are designed for upmarket customers. Some hotels are on the simpler side of things and can be booked for an affordable nightly price. Poseidonia Beach Hotel, for example, can be reserved for just 58 British Pounds per night. Though you may not find convenient parking for a yacht, you can experience friendly service, clean and comfortable rooms, and best of all: access to the beach.


The public education system in Cyprus is designed by the Ministry of Education and Culture. It is designed to educate young individuals so that they become upstanding democratic citizens, capable of contributing the society in a positive and meaningful way.

The Ministry accepts direction from the Education Council, which is a committee of members from Parents Associations, Teachers Associations, the Church, and the community. The public schools of Limassol are funded by the government of the Republic of Cyprus.

There are also private schools in Limassol, which are funded by individuals and private organisations rather than the government. These institutions are not designed by the Ministry of Education and Culture, so do not have a unifying curriculum. Instead, you will find a diverse range of directions of study.

For example, some private schools are designed with a foreign country’s culture and language at the forefront. Examples include the L.I.T.C. Russian-English Private School, and the American Academy.

For summer school Limassol has many options. You can find public school programs and private school programs, as well as camps where children can gather and learn from councillors.

Once a student completes his or her primary and secondary education, they may opt to move on to University. There are several options for higher learning within Limassol. The student will decide on a path that he or she wishes to pursue and then apply to an institute of higher education.

For example, if the student is interested in medicine, he may decide to apply to the University of Cyprus, for the biology programme. Once graduating the undergraduate program, the student can decide if he wants to go on to a postgraduate programme.

Cyprus University of Technology

Cyprus University of Technology
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Limassol has many venues for higher learning. One option is the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), sometimes referred to as “Limassol University of Technology”. It was founded in 2004 and has its home base in Limassol. This institution offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in areas having to do with science and technology. The programmes are divided into six distinct fields, or “faculties”. These include the Faculty of Geotechnical Sciences and Environmental Management, the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, and Faculty of Communication and Media Studies. Each faculty is designed to fill a gap that wasn’t otherwise being addressed by Limassol University programmes.

Transport System

The Limassol public transport systems include roadways, buses, ports, marinas, and convenient access to two international airports. Cyprus stopped using railway systems in 1952. Since the dismantling of the railway, the roadways in Limassol have been optimised.

Likewise, the bus system has evolved. In 2006, a significant upgrade to Limassol busses was proposed. City officials implemented the plan in 2010, and now an extensive and well-maintained network of buses connects all areas of the city.

Limassol residents and visitors have easy access to two of Cyprus’ international airports. The airports located on opposite sides of the island. The Paphos International Airport is on the east side of Cyprus, and the Larnaca International Airport is on the west. Limassol Airport Express is a fast way for the public to get to either airport.

Winery in Limassol

Wineries in Cyprus
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The wine industry is very active in Limassol because the climate is well suited for growing grapes. The wine in Limassol has been compared to other Mediterranean wine-varieties because of the similarity in the grapes. Currently, wine production in Cyprus as a whole is ranked 50th in the world regarding quantity manufactured per year, and this is quite impressive giving the small size of the country. Cyprus has a 5500 year history of wine production. This rich heritage is on display at the wine museums Limassol has to offer, including the Cyprus Wine Museum.

The wine museum is nearby the Kilossi Castle, so you could combine the two excursions into one day of activity. In fact, one of the wines that Cyprus is known for, the Commandaria Wine, was initially named by The Hospitaller Knights who stayed at the Kilossi castle.

The port of Limassol

As we have mentioned, the Limassol Port is the business port in Cyprus. This fact is hugely vital to the industry in the city of Limassol, where many people have jobs related to the port. The port attracts workers from all facets of the shipping industry, and these positions have a ripple effect on the city.

The Limassol Port was opened in 1974. Before that time, the main shipping transit centre in Limassol was what is now known as “the Old Port Limassol”. The Old Port was constructed in 1956 and served the city until the new port was opened in 1974. Once it was no longer needed for shipping services, the old port became a coast guard shelter and fishing boat docking centre.

More recently, the city has invested money into the area around the Old Port and opened the Limassol Marina directly adjacent to it. This turned the area into a great spot for leisure and tourist activities. Visitors can access Cruises from Limassol in the old port area.

Limassol Marina

Limassol Marina
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Initially, the idea for the Limassol Marina stemmed from the desire to spruce up the area around the Old Port. This historic district needed some revamping, and the investment money that was put into the project led to what is now the Limassol Marina. The Marina officially opened in 2010, and drastically changed the feel of the Old Port area. Suddenly, large, upscale yachts were docking in the marina and tourists were pouring money into the restaurants and shops in the vicinity.

The opening of the marina affected properties in the area. There are now Limassol Marina villas for sale, and other Limassol marina properties for sale which never would have been on the market had the renovation of the old port area never commenced.

Here are some of the significant impacts that the marina has had on surrounding area:

  • Increased number of upscale rentals
  • Raised value of surrounding properties
  • Attracted investment into Limassol Marina restaurants/Limassol marina shops
  • Resorts opened in the vicinity to provide boaters with places to stay
  • Job opportunities related to the marina clientele

Limassol is an excellent city for buying property

Limassol has been marked as an up and coming location. The tourist industry is steadily growing, and the Limassol Port and Limassol Marina drive business in the region. The liveliness and growth of the city has attracted foreign investors recently. Individuals from all over the globe show interest in this growing seaside city.

The luxury property for sale in Limassol is largely concentrated on the southern, seaside border. For example, the Limassol Marina offers villas exclusively to those who use the Marina services.

The exclusive, upscale nature of the villas and townhouses attached to the marina also drives up the property value of other apartments nearby. Real estate brokers facilitate the exchange for those who want to buy villa in Limassol or buy apartment in Limassol.

New houses for sale in Limassol

Not all of the properties in Limassol are short-term rentals targeted to tourists. There are also new houses for sale in Limassol, in all areas of the city. As we discussed earlier, there was more square footage of building permits issued in 2017 than any previous year since the economic downturn of 2013. Construction is on the rise, and new houses come onto the market frequently.

The homes for sale in Limassol are not in as high of a demand as you may expect because the local banks are very selective when it comes to offering home loans. This means that many people who wish to buy a home are forced to rent, which leads to high rent rates.

Individuals who want to buy a house and are not reliant on the local banks will experience ease in the process due to limited competition. There are also villas for sale in Limassol which offer the same benefits. Since local banks are stringent about providing loans for the permanent purchase of a villa, the properties often go to buyers who don’t rely on financing through the bank.

New houses for sale in Limassol

Limassol, for sale, houses, rooms: 4 and more
Cyprus | Limassol | Limassol

469 000 – 519 000 EUR4 rooms, 160 – 180 m 2

For sale, houses, rooms: 4 and more, Limassol
Cyprus | Limassol | Limassol

395 000 – 415 000 EUR4 rooms, 109 – 113 m 2

Apartments for sale In Limassol

If you are interested in buying a property in Limassol, don’t limit yourself to houses. There are also new luxury apartments for sale in Limassol that have just as much, or even more, to offer than a house or villa does. Luxury apartments for sale in Limassol often come with high-rise views of the seaside, city, and mountains, floor heating, parking, and other lavish amenities that a house may not offer.

The flats for sale in Limassol Cyprus also present investors with an exciting opportunity to capitalise on the booming tourist industry. Flat owners may be able to lease out the property and collect rent on a weekly or monthly basis from customers who are on holiday. This might be an excellent way for a buyer with enough for a down payment to start earning passive income.

Apartments for sale in Limassol

Limassol, for sale, apartments, rooms: 4 and more
Cyprus | Limassol | Limassol

370 000 – 810 000 EUR4 rooms, 148 – 190 m 2

Limassol, for sale, flats, rooms: 3 and more
Cyprus | Limassol | Limassol

376 000 – 678 000 EUR3 rooms, 125 – 309 m 2

Festivals in Limassol

Do you think that we’ve covered all that Limassol has to offer? Not yet! One last thing that we’d be remiss to leave out is that Limassol events are a great way to enjoy the culture of the city. The Limassol carnival is an annual event that people from all over the world flock to. The carnival honours Dionysus, the God of winemaking. Tens of thousands gather to celebrate the ancient traditions of the region.

Dionysus is again honoured at the yearly Limassol Wine Festival, along with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. The annual wine festival features free wine tasting, traditional Cypriot foods, and performing arts.

A third event that the city is known for is its International Festival of Greek Drama. This event has been attracting a massive crowd to Limassol since 1997 when it was first launched. The board of the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute founded the festival due to a desire to uplift the theatrical content of the island. Theatre companies from across Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Asia contribute to the performances.

The city of Limassol has many attributes that have earned it a reputation for being an excellent place for work and play. It is a bustling business hub for the shipping industry, and also has a healthy wine industry and a growing tourist industry. The many beaches and warm tropical weather make for excellent outdoor recreation.

The attractive qualities of the city have led to an increase in foreign investors in the real estate sector. Luxury apartments, villas attached to the marina, and flats that you could rent to visitors all make for exciting investment opportunities.

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