Kensington Residences in Limassol

Kensington Residences in Limassol
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If you are looking to buy a flat in Limassol, there is a new project Kensington Residence you should be aware of. If you are wanting property in Cyprus, this could be your chance. With new apartments for sale in Limassol being sold daily, you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to get your hands on one now, especially considering that there are only 10 apartments left. The Kensington Residence is centrally located in Limassol within walking distance to all amenities you could need. The beachfront is seen from the property and easy access awaits. With the luxury apartments for sale in Limassol, Kensington Residence is your next home away from home.

Get to know Cyprus, Limassol and the Kensington Residence with all the amenities here. Let us show you why you should make your next purchase with Kensington Residence, in Cyprus.

Location of Kensington Residences

Antinoros, Germasogeia 4040, Cyprus

It is hard to miss the Kensington Residences. These architecturally aesthetic buildings not only give you a spectacular view of the surrounding area and coastline but are a part of the view you get to enjoy. Germasogeia, Limassol is a district located in the northeastern portion of the town. This is where you will find the Kensington Residences. The complex takes up approximately three blocks of real estate in a beautifully crafted U-shaped building. Each section is its own style and blends in well with the local scenery.

The Limassol city center is located within walking distance of the estate. You will find that you don’t even need a car to get to all of the amenities you crave or desire.

With all of the properties for sale in Limassol, Kensington Residence is not only one of the most beautiful but is also one of the highest rated and fastest selling. Getting your hands on your own piece of property within the Kensington Residence should be at the top of your priority list.

The Architecture of the Kensington Residences

Kensington Residences in Limassol
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The Kensington Residences Limassol has a unique and aesthetic architecture. The mixture of European and Cypriot influences is evident with the structure and decorations. The facade of the buildings are classic colonial design and feature many of the early aspects such as columns and Window frames. The exterior of these luxury properties for sale in Cyprus also include balustrades on the balconies, stairs, and patios. You will find large, arch bay windows that capture the sunlight and illuminate the property in a warm and welcoming glow.

With real estate in Limassol growing every year, the appearance and luster of the luxurious Kensington Residences will only attract more and more persons to the properties. If you want the best, you don’t need to look far.

The location of the property is in the most prestigious area of the city, and you are free from prying eyes, eavesdropping ears and most passers-by. Located within walking distance of the best beaches in Cyprus as well as the seaside road, the Kensington Residences is an open and welcoming area that maintains privacy and seclusion simultaneously.

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Kensington ResidencesKensington Residences

The range of services offered by Kensington Residences

When you are looking at new developments in Limassol one of the items you should seek out is the range of services, or amenities, offered by the property. Kensington Residences are not short on amenities and offer a wide range of services. What do you get when you purchase one of the Limassol real estate for sale with Kensington Residences? More than you can bargain for. Besides the rooftop swimming pools and penthouses with inlaid marble fireplaces, you get a lot more amenities, such as:

  • Fully fenced and secure property

  • Concierge Services

  • Hamam and Saunas

  • Around the clock video surveillance

  • Fitness center

  • Mosaic finished resident swimming pool

Cyrpus Limassol real estate is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. If you don’t find the goods and services you are after elsewhere, you know you will find them at Kensington Residences. Every detail is painstakingly crafted with comfort and security in mind.

Besides the range of features and amenities, as well as the beautifully crafted architecture, you will also be able to be yourself. The Kensington Residences allow for individual style to incorporate with the design of the apartments easily.

Description of the apartments

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The apartments for sale in Limassol are tailored to fit your every whim and desire. They allow for your personalization and touches and give you space and freedom to do so. After walking through the expansive entryway, listening to the classical music playing in the front room and seeing the detail and care of the furniture, desk services and attention each resident receives, it is easy to understand that the Kensington Residences flats for sale in Limassol are among, if not the, best in the country.

The property boasts over 3 m ceilings and high interior doors imported directly from Italy. It doesn’t end there though. You will also own a flat that has a living room and bedroom floors made of marble, granite, and wood parquet.

On top of all this, you get state of the art underfloor heating and Mitsubishi air conditioning. What’s more (yes, there is more!) you also have bathrooms with exquisite detailing, marble and granite flooring and the inclusion of bidets and hygienic douche.

The kitchen units are from some the top-rated designers and brands in Europe as well. Further, you will also have options for several different smart home packages that will make your home more enjoyable, and simple to maintain.

When you buy an apartment in Limassol with Kensington Residences, you will have the top end of luxury under your feet and at your fingertips. It is no wonder these apartments do not stay on the market long.

BedroomsArea, sq. mPrice, EUR
32531,192,700 + VAT
31691,055,700 + VAT

In walking distance

you have everything you need just a few steps away. Whether you are taking a leisurely stroll or a purposeful jaunt to the town center, you will find all that you need right there. Not only do you have access to some of the most prestigious beaches in the world, you have food, shopping, and transportation (aside from walking) whenever you need it.

Limassol shopping is just a few meters from the property, with old town Limassol markets on the street, you can taste wares and select various items right from a vendor’s cart. You also have modern shopping options with the stores, shops, and bodegas just a few blocks away.

Limassol restaurants are some of the finest in the country and you will soon find your pallet satisfied with local fruits and vegetables as well as seafood right from the coast.

If a quick bite is what you have in mind, vendors line the streets offering various flavors and tastes from around the world. You can also opt to eat in and have access to the finest and most extravagant restaurants right outside your door.

With delicious odors filling the air, you just have to follow your nose. The Limassol restaurants will serve you anything from a seven-course meal prepared by renowned and talented chefs to a quick sorbet as you walk along the beaches. The world really is your oyster, and you can eat that, too.

Ocean Basket restaurant
Cypriot cuisine
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Public transportation in Limassol will get you wherever you need to be that your feet can’t take you too. You can visit the old town and take in the medieval museum with a simple bus ride to the town center.

If sightseeing is more your thing, you can always get on the public transport and take int eh scenery as you drive around the town and outlying cities. Planning your next venture outside is easier, less expensive and helps save your feet for putting in the ocean instead of pounding the pavement.

Brief guide on Limassol

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Limassol, also known as Lemesos, is a central town in Cyprus with a deep history and unwavering attention to comfort, quality and style. The entire town is spread out in a web-like pattern of narrow streets radiating outward from the old castle. The castle at the hub of the city is the location of the marriage between King Richard the Lionheart and Berengaria of Navarre in medieval times. The harbor of Limassol old town has seen a cosmopolitan makeover in recent years. While still maintaining the charm of the old town with the rejuvenation of modern upgrades, Limassol old town has become not only a historic district but a tourist mecca where old housing and modern shops sit as neighbors.

Within the Limassol old town is the Municipal Market. The market is a traditional street market with local fruits and vegetables as well as general wares being sold to customers from all nearby villages. The overall atmosphere is something you just have to witness firsthand.

It also boasts of the medieval museum and the marina as well as the old port. Together, these bring an ambiance that is outclassed by none.

Limassol city has a history dating back thousands of years. The island is steeped in history from almost all eras of human existence. Something the city has been able to hold on to throughout time. Each era left a mark on the city and you can still find these marks today.

Limassol city has grown, of course, over the years and now extends to most of the coastal region to include its own suburbs and outlying areas. Each of these offers a tiny difference in customs based on the era it was created.

You will find street markets and yacht clubs. Sometimes even in the same area. You will have castles from medieval times right along with modern shops and homes. The views are spectacular, and the people are some of the friendliest, most welcoming humans around.

You will never be at a loss for new things to do, try or partake in. As one of the five fastest growing areas, you can invest in the city itself as well. If you choose to buy property in Limassol, you can expect the best. Not only in accommodations but in the culture, customs, and convenience.

One of the newest properties you can purchase is in the Kensington Residence, located right in the heart of Limassol.

Dasoudi Beach

Beaches in Limassol
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Arguably one of the best beaches in Limassol, or all of Cyrpus, if not the world, is Dasoudi Beach. This one kilometer stretch of beach expands to a clear, calm ocean that is ideal for swimming with its quick drop-offs to deeper waters. The coastal beach is one of the best beaches in Limassol and is the most popular destination for residents and tourists alike. Of all the coastal Limassol beach fronts, Dasoudi beach located in Germasogeia, is a stone’s throw from Kensington Residences. You can follow the salt air breeze from your doorstep to less than 200 meters away before your toes hit the sand.

Walking along the golden sand is relaxing and allows you to enjoy nature in an undisrupted view for kilometers ahead or behind you.

Disoudi beach in Limassol will take your breath away and replace it again all in one glance. You will find that if you aren’t lounging in your luxurious new home, you will probably end up on the sands watching the sunsets.

Limassol Municipal Garden

Among the over 220 attractions located in the town, the Limassol Municipal Garden is one that should be at the top of you “must see” list. The garden incorporates many different features that make it a pleasant visit for the entire family.

Events are held at the Limassol Municipal Garden Theater almost year-round, with the annual wine festival one of the largest attractions every September.

You will find trails and the park with vendors selling jelly and custard to enjoy as you stroll the garden grounds.

Just a short walk East back to town or you can venture west to the zoo in Limassol. The zoo can be found following the paths lined with statues and plaques commemorating special persons in Cyprus history.

The gardens have no entrance fee and are open year-round during daylight hours. Once night falls, you can head to the town for more amenities the area has to offer. You will never find yourself without something to see or do, especially with the ever-changing venue of entertainment at the Limassol Municipal Garden.

Benefits of buying property in Limassol

There are many benefits of buying property in Limassol. You should be aware of all of the options and benefits when looking at the flats for sale in Cyprus, Limassol.

The Cyprus tax is not included in the listing prices and should be indicated as such. The value-added tax, or VAT, is an additional tax added to the price as a consumption tax.

The current VAT is Cyprus is 19 percent.

However, when buying property, as long as you fulfill the requirements, you will only be charged five percent VAT, which is a tremendous discount and a great benefit to home buyers in Cyprus.

One other major benefit of buying luxury property in Limassol is that it is a favorable position when applying for permanent residence in Cyprus. If a non-EU citizen makes a property purchase of over 300,000 Euros, the application approval committee takes special note of the purchase and has a generous outcome on the visa approval.

Limassol sets new records in the rental market

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When you rent a flat in Cyprus, Limassol you are a part of new rental records that make Cyprus one of the leading property rental and tourist vacation spots in the world. If you are not in a market to buy or don’t want to own property in another country, renting is a great option. Cyprus real estate for rent has lower rates than most other island locations in the area. The history and amenities draw more visitor’s year in and year out and rentals for these tourist season periods rise every year. If you are looking for apartments for sale in Limassol, Cyprus, you will find that the rental rates create a favorable return on your investment. You will have a continuous influx of visitors hoping to rent your property virtually year-round.

About the Developer Cyprus Developers Alliance

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When looking at real estate for sale in Limassol, Cyprus you will most likely be dealing with Cyprus Developers Alliance. With 43 offices around the island, they are the largest and most prestigious company for property sales in the country. Not only do they build and offer the luxury property for sale in Limassol and all-around Cyprus, but they have also joined forces with some of the largest names in luxury designs and development from around the world. You know you will be in good hands with the Cyprus Developers Alliance when it comes to searching and purchasing your next luxury home in Limassol. Not only is the company open and honest, with their thousands of listings, they are there to help you make the best choice that will meet your demands and needs.

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Kensington ResidencesKensington Residences

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