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EU citizenship in 12 months
INVESTMENT €816,000+

Located in the Mediterranean sea, Malta enjoys the perfect climate throughout the year, picturesque landscapes, rich history, and offers all the advantages of the EU member state to its citizens. You can become Maltese citizen via The Malta Individual Investor Programme, which is among the first programs launched by the EU member state to offer a full right citizenship to high-net-worth foreign investors.

Detailed information on citizenship by investment in Malta program

Download a brochure with a detailed information on how to obtain the Maltese citizenship, including requirements, timeline, and potential properties for investment.

Advantages of Maltese citizenship

Being members of the European Union, Maltese citizens can exercise the same rights and freedoms as citizens of other EU countries, including unrestricted movement between 27 EU countries and visa-free travels to other 135 counties.

Both your spouse and all your children under 25 are eligible for Maltese citizenship.

YOU CHOOSE WHERE TO LIVEAs a citizen of Malta you are not required to stay in the country for a specific period of time. You can even decide to live in your home country and yet hold Maltese passport.

  • Citizenship in a peaceful and developed European country
  • No language requirements
  • Your parents are eligible for citizenship (additional fees apply)
  • Dual citizenship. You may keep your current nationality
  • Benefit from Malta’s low taxation

Who is eligible?

THE MAIN INVESTORWho is over 18 years old and meets the Application requirements

THE APPLICANT’S SPOUSE AND UNDERAGE CHILDRENYour spouse and children under 18 years old

CHILDREN AGED 18 TO 25Under the condition that they are full-time students and are financially dependant on the main applicant

PARENTS AGED 55 AND ABOVEParents who are 55 and older and are financially dependant on the main applicant

Conditions for receiving citizenship of Malta through investment

  • Possess a valid passport
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Make a contribution of €650,000 to the development of Malta
  • Invest €350,000+ in residential real estate in Malta and retain possession of it least 5 years after the purchase is made OR lease a property for 5 years with annual lease €16,000+
  • Invest €150,000+ in government issued bonds for a minimal period of 5 years

Are you eligible to apply for Maltese citizenship?

Investment breakdown

The scheme comprises government donation, purchase of real estate, and investment in bonds

  • DONATIONThe applicant is required to invest €650,000 in the national development fund of Malta
  • PURCHASE OF REAL ESTATEThe applicant is required to invest at least €350,000 in residential real estate located in Malta and retain possession of the purchased real estate at least 5 years. Alternatively, the applicant may lease a property located in Malta for a period of at least 5 years and with annual lease equal or exceeding €16,000.
  • INVESTMENT IN BONDSThe applicant is required to invest at €150,000+ in government issued bonds for a period of at least 5 years

Additional fees

  • Inclusion of a spouse in the application€20,000
  • Inclusion of a child aged under 17 in the application€20,000
  • Inclusion of a child aged over 18 and up to 25 years in the application€50,000
  • Inclusion of a parent aged 55 and above in the application€50,000

All prices are approximate and non-binding

Next step

  • CONSULTATION WITH OUR IMMIGRATION EXPERTSOur experts will assist you with determining your eligibility and selection of the investment options most suitable for you
  • START THE PROCESSWe will help you gather all the required documents and file your application and the supporting documents on your behalf to the governmental institutions
  • MAKE CONTRIBUTION AND INVESTMENTSAfter the approval of the application you will make a contribution to the National Development and Social Fund. Within 4 months after the approval of the application is required to purchase real estate and invest in government bonds.
  • FINAL STEPSThe completion of residence requirements the applicant will obtain a status of a citizen of Malta

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